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On line hry - Právě hrané online hry zdarma

Ulehčíme vám výběr hry. Pokud nevíte co si vybrat za hru, tak zkuste právě hrané hry na našem serveru. Dá se čekat, že pokud si už někdo vybral, mohlo by to zaujmout i vás. Proto jsou tu pro vás právě hrané hry tak, abyste měli přehld, co ostatní hráči hrají. Pokud hledáte něco nového a nechcete se prodírat tisícovkami her, klikněte na právě hrané hry a máte po starostech.

 Online hry zdarma z kategorie Právě hrané online hry zdarma

Online hry zdarma 3D Motorboat 3D Motorboat Play 25 challenging levels, buy new upgrades for your boat and avoid the other boats and obstacles. Collect the special fuel and shield bonus items. Upgrade the steering for better handling. If you can fill the…

Online hry zdarma 3D Future Bike Racing 3D Future Bike Racing Race fast bikes of the future. Many race tracks to choose from, buy new upgrades for your bike and avoid all the obstacles.

Online hry zdarma 3D Car Racing Deluxe 3D Car Racing Deluxe 3D Car Racing game with 5 tracks. Race again 3 opponents. Complete 3 laps to get a chance to enter your name in best time scores table. To unlock new tracks you must be the first on finish line or click UNLOCK link.

Online hry zdarma 2-inch Dragon Escape 2-inch Dragon Escape The little dragon ( precisely 2-inches ) was captured and locked in the kingdom. It manages to escape somehow and now needs to find its way back to the cave. On the way back though, there are a lot of knights just…

Online hry zdarma Addictive Tri Peak Addictive Tri Peak Nádherná hra Tri vrchol se speciální karty a hra dvojice.

Hra Tri vrchol se čtyřmi speciální karty totiž zastavit čas, zpět, divokou kartu a restartovat! Každé čtyři úrovně bude dvojice (známý také jako…

Online hry zdarma 12 till Christmas 12 till Christmas A new funny Chrostmas game. Santa needs to deliver all presents to the houses. Time is running and foes of Christmas trying to steal presents. Do not leave kids without holiday. Get them as many gifts as you can and don…

Online hry zdarma 10th Dimension 10th Dimension 10th Dimension is a action defense game. Monsters from other dimensions are attacking the Earth. You must stop them before they enter into passage to our dimension. Game was created for 48-hour contest.

Online hry zdarma 100 Balls 100 Balls Swarmed by up to 100 balls, create or destroy horizontal and vertical walls using the mouse to guide grey balls into and red balls away from the goal. Blue balls give extra health while fast gold balls yield an extra…

Online hry zdarma [game title] [game title] [game description] __

Online hry zdarma _dRive _dRive Three ships. Two buttons. One game.

Create your own glitch music in this experimental dodging game. Collect points to upgrade your tracks and control up to three ships at once!

Online hry zdarma Falling Eggs Falling Eggs Help to sort the easter eggs. Change the pipes below to the let the eggs falling into the proper pipe. If you got enough score, submit it to the toplist!

Good Luck!
See you soon in the top of the…

Online hry zdarma Addition with pictures Addition with pictures count object and enter the right values

Online hry zdarma 2009 Fall Styling Show 2009 Fall Styling Show Big brands like Valentino, Ralph Laruen and Chanel revealed their new fall collections for 2009. Styles like Rock&Roll, Big 1980s Shoulders and Rococo are making their comeback this season while black, gold and…

Online hry zdarma Adventures of Harry Adventures of Harry Guide Harry the mouse through 30 levels. Use the propeller by pressing the left mouse button to let him fly. Collect all 3 pieces of cheese in order to submit your fastest time. Watch out for the sharp obstacles that…

Online hry zdarma Alien Restaurant Alien Restaurant Few cute aliens were just sent in a mission on the Earth. They have never been here so everything is new and weird especially the food we have. Invite them to your restaurant and try to please them preparing some alien…

Online hry zdarma Artanoid Artanoid Artanoid is a Flash remake of the original classic arcade game Arkanoid. It was created by 76 Creative web design studio.

Complete each level to reveal a different fine art masterpiece, while enjoying a…

Online hry zdarma Baby Safari Baby Safari Can you help Madonna adopt a new child?

Step 1: Destroy the 4 generators and avoid the national army!

Step 2: Use your skills to avoid the baby escaping!

Online hry zdarma Bliinky Shopping Dressup Bliinky Shopping Dressup Lots of clothes, hairs, shoes and accessories that you can choose to create different looks for Bliinky as she goes out for shopping. Click on the handbags to change and you can also change the background by clicking on…

Online hry zdarma Blocky Farm Blocky Farm Bejeweled style matching game. Swap adjacent vegetables to create horizontal or vertical chains of three or more of the same farm items. Get enough score before time runs out to advance to the next level. Watch out for…

Online hry zdarma Bottle Cap Collector Bottle Cap Collector Create chains of the same colored bottle caps. The longer the chains the more points.

Online hry zdarma Cat Photographer Cat Photographer New free online hidden object and spot the differences game by . Demonstrate your skills and attentiveness in the role of cat photographer. This profession seems easy outwardly, but actually every…

Online hry zdarma Chemistry Chemistry Match molecules to prove you are a master chemist in this addictive puzzle game from Evolute Games!
Beat your friends scores and earn achievement awards over 48 mind churning levels with 12 bonus levels to really…

Online hry zdarma Comic Maker Comic Maker Easy to create your own comics!

Online hry zdarma Connect Me Please Connect Me Please Connect me please is a puzzle game very addictive.

You have to connect the buildings using available Items to redirect the roads or the power lines.

24 levels

cute graphics and…

Online hry zdarma Cute Lili Score  Dress Up Cute Lili Score Dress Up Cute Lili Dress Up , Dress Lili up, and make high score!!!

Don`t forget to submit your score!!

Online hry zdarma Cute Robots In Love Cute Robots In Love We have two cute robots here who are in love with each others and you have to make them the way you want. Square, round, rectangular all size can be added.

Online hry zdarma Graphics Are Everything Graphics Are Everything It is a simple bounce the ball and get the things type of game.
A few new elements that make the game unique are circle-squares which force you to get the circles and not the squares, pentagons, which must be hit…

Online hry zdarma Santa Claus Tower Santa Claus Tower Addictive flash game with nice graphic. Original idea.

Online hry zdarma Clean my pink new beetle Clean my pink new beetle Its a really good looking car.Yesterday Cathy was enjoying the party with her close friends.Her pets were very naugthy. They make names car look very ugly. Check out this funny game to see whats special about a car wash…

Online hry zdarma 2010 New year party 2010 New year party Lisa pracuje na hračkářská společnost a společnost uspořádala 2010 novoroční večírek. Pomozte jí, vybrat dobré šaty a doplňky.

Online hry zdarma Rescue Operation Rescue Operation Save the castways with your rescue helicopter.

Online hry zdarma Mouse Tower Mouse Tower Help the mice to fulfil their dream, reach the giant piece of cheese. Build a tower from mice as high as you can, but take care not to drop a single mouse, because the game will be over.
Be the best, gain as many…

Online hry zdarma Monster Of ShadowDust Monster Of ShadowDust Are you monster or the hero, get to the end in this side scrolling game!

Online hry zdarma Hummingbird in the garden puzzle Hummingbird in the garden puzzle Hummingbird in the garden puzzle Game.

Online hry zdarma Holiday Makeover Holiday Makeover Holiday Makeover game. Play with your mouse.

Online hry zdarma Girl Makeover Girl Makeover Girl Makeover game. Play with your mouse.

Online hry zdarma Floppy Pony Floppy Pony The floppy pony is very happy to play with you today. This pony is a magical one because it belongs to a famous princess from a magical castle. It accepted the challenge to came and play with you a flappy game. The pony…

Online hry zdarma Escape From Jail Escape From Jail This is the 156th escape game from You have been incarcerated in the ENAs most secure jail, you have to use your skills to escape with the help of the objects and clues which you find inside the jail.…

Online hry zdarma Date After School Date After School This cute high school couple will have their first date after school. They are both nervous. Could you help the boy and the girl choose the most beautiful clothes and accessories for their date? They would look so…

Online hry zdarma BlueOn BlueOn A physics-based stacking game with 30 challenging levels. Find a way to stack shapes on the platform safely. Touch stars for your achievement.


 Top 10 online hry zdarma - vaše superhry

Online hry zdarma Escape Redgrove Manor Escape Redgrove Manor You and your friends went to check out the creepy old Redgrove Manor. Once you were inside you friends disappeared! Now you must find a way out by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Online hry zdarma Bloons Tower Defense 4 Bloons Tower Defense 4 BTD4 funkce lepší grafiku, spoustu nových a původní věž typů a tun upgrady pro každý typ věže. Hodně skladeb, ukládání hry, Pyramida kariéry, režim izolovaného prostoru a apopalypse režim. Bloons Tower obrany 4 vám…

Online hry zdarma Amazing Brain Online Amazing Brain Online Úžasné mozku umožňuje vykonávat svou mysl s řadou mini her logiky, paměti, výpočtu a pozorování.

Online hry zdarma Insects TD Insects TD Hmyzu jsou v pohybu. Dokážete je zastavit?

Cílem hry je eliminovat hmyzu hrozbu, než se dostanou na konec cesty.
Toho docílíte tak, že konstrukci ladybirds podél cesty k útoku protijedoucí hmyz.

Online hry zdarma Bazonga Quake Bazonga Quake Jump'n' snímek platformeru akce s holkou, jejíž ňadra způsobuje zemětřesení! Objevte sedm nastavení, renderovaná grafika a animace, vtipné dialogy a snadné ovládání přes dva klíče.

Online hry zdarma Black Enchanter Black Enchanter 블랙 매력있는 사람

Online hry zdarma Achtung, die Kurve! Flash Remake Public Achtung, die Kurve! Flash Remake Public Achtung, die Kurve! ponese jistou podobnost do hry had a Tron, ačkoli v Achtung, die Kurve! Flash Remake, hlavním cílem je hrát proti svým přátelům a protihráč udeřil o zeď, jeho křivky nebo vaše křivky. Řídíš křivka…

Online hry zdarma 25 Boxes China 25 Boxes China 在这个游戏中,你可以测试自己的视野是否宽广。找到数字、字母或符号,然后找出它们所对应的盒子。来挑战排行榜的冠军吧。

Online hry zdarma Trivia Warrior Trivia Warrior Play the best Trivia game ever, compare your score with your friends as you battle it out to see who is the best Trivia Warrior.

Online hry zdarma Ball Lines Ball Lines Move the balls to from lines of 5 or more balls of the same color. The lines can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

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